Kevin O’Hara

Kevin O’Hara is co-founder and CEO of Techwitty as well as CIO and Technology Investment Portfolio Manager of Tulla Private Equity Group. An advisor to The Crypto Company, Kevin sits on a range of philanthropic and strategic global advisory boards. 

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Chloe Ward

Chloe Ward is the Associate Director of Intello and an SMSF Specialist Adviser with the SMSF Association. Based at the Gold Coast Chloe is passionate about helping others to work through the many changes the SMSF industry is currently facing. 

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Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell has worked in senior roles at Ernst & Young, Grant Thornton and Pitcher Partners. Established in 2012, Robert is the principal partner at McLeod Campbell & Associates. Robert is a Chartered Accountant, a Chartered Tax Adviser and a lecturer for The Tax Institute in Sydney. 

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Manoj Abichandani

Manoj Abichandani has worked in the SMSF industry for over three decades in various roles ranging from tax agent and accountant over SMSF auditor and IT entrepreneur to consulting other accountants. Manoj is the SMSF Technical Director at but also runs Online SMSF Auditor and a range of other online ventures.

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Mike O’Hagan

Mike O’Hagain started MiniMovers with $200 and a ute and grew it to an annual turnover of $23m with 320 employees. One crucial step in the success of MiniMovers and Mike’s other ventures was building up a large team in the Philippines. 

Mike shares his knowledge and experience of offshoring to the Philippines on regular tours through Manila and Clark with

Offshoring to the Philippines