Liam Shorte

Liam Shorte is an SMSF Specialist Advisor™, Financial Planner and principal of Verante Financial Planning in Castle Hill and Windsor. Appointed to the Board of the SMSF Association in September 2018, Liam provides strategic advice on super, retirement and estate planning as well as investment and tax strategies. Liam is the author of the popular blog, The SMSF Coach

SMSF Investment Strategy – Investing 101 

David Lewis

David Lewis is the Chairman of Omnis Software Ltd in the UK as well as CEO of IT consulting and software distribution company, The DLA Group, in Sydney. An IT and IP lawyer by training and serial entrepreneur, David has built start ups in Australia, the USA, UK and Hong Kong and advised many more throughout the world. 

The Internet 

Edward Chan

Edward Chan is a founder and non-executive chairman of Chan & Naylor as well as a founder of Wize Mentoring for Accounting Firms. A regular key-note speaker at accounting and property conferences, Ed consults to many independent accounting firms at a board and strategic level, helping them to improve their efficiencies.

Practice Management – Consolidation in the Accounting Industry – Insights of a Mentor

Chris Hooper

Chris Hooper is the CEO of Accodex, a progressive network of accountants. A popular public speaker at Pecha Kucha, AIESEC, TEDx, GoldenKey and XeroCon, Chris has won the Achievement Award in the Young Business Leaders Program for 2013 and was ranked one of the top 30 Managers under 30 in 2015, going on to win state manager of the year.

Accounting AutomationApp Landscape – Accounting Futurist

Heather Smith

Heather Smith is the author of ‘Xero for Dummies’, host of the Cloud Stories podcast and an accredited Xero trainer. A CA and management accountant with a deep understanding of using business apps to improve workflows and data driven decisions, Heather has run a Platinum Xero practice for close to two decades and is on the advisory board of several businesses.

Accounting AppsWriting Xero for DummiesTelling Cloud Stories 

Cameron Lynch

Cameron Lynch is the founder of the Etani Business Platform.  A Chartered Accountant by trade and experienced in analytics, big data and cloud implementation, Cameron is passionate about helping SMEs to harness the power of live data and Business Intelligence (BI) through a facilitated implementation of Microsoft Power BI. 

Business Intelligence 

Rani Gandha

Rani Gandha is a Partner at Turnbull Hill Lawyers  in Newcastle, leading its property and business team with a focus on asset protection and structuring as well as large commercial or property transactions. In addition, Rani assists clients with the set up and administration of wills and estates.

Cancel a Property Contract in NSWSMSF Trustee ResponsibilitiesDeath of an SMSF Trustee 

Paul Goldin

Paul Goldin is a solicitor and principal of Vectigal Legal in Melbourne with expertise in trust and international tax issues. With a global perspective, Paul assists private enterprise and high net worth clients as well as registered tax agents, accountants and financial advisors with complicated tax issues.

Trust 101 Part ITrust 101 Part II  

Chris Evans

Chris Evans is a Professor of Taxation at UNSW, an Extraordinary Professor at University of Pretoria as well as an International Research Fellow at Oxford and Exeter Universities. A former editor of Australian Tax Review and author of various tax publications, Chris has served on a number of governmental and professional body committees in Australia and overseas.

Tax ReformTax Simplification 

Andrew Henshaw

Andrew Henshaw is a tax lawyer and leads Velocity Legal’s Sydney practice. A Fellow of The Tax Institute with a Masters of Law from the University of Melbourne, Andrew is passionate about getting wins for his clients in ATO disputes and solving difficult legal issues.

ATO DisputesDiv 7A Listener QuestionsDiv 7A ReformInsights of a Tax Lawyer – Div 7A UPE – Shareholder Loan Write Off – The 2019 Harding Case – Small Business CGT Concessions for Big Business – Small Business CGT Concession Case Studies 



Robyn Jacobson

Robyn Jacobson is a professional tax trainer with TaxBanter and a regular conference presenter. Host of the popular podcast Tax Yak, Robyn is a Fellow of both CA ANZ and CPA Australia, a CTA and a Registered Tax Agent. She chairs and sits on a wide range of tax committees and regularly consults with Treasury, the ATO and the professional bodies on technical issues.

How Tax Law is Made Part IHow Tax Law is Made Part II 

Peter Bobbin

Peter Bobbin is a solicitor and senior principal of Argyle Lawyers, focusing on tax advice, tax litigation and succession as well as superannuation, trust and estate planning. In the early stages of his speaking career he used to be introduced as the ‘Tax Doctor of Death’. Peter can trace his super skills back to 1985 when not many were working in this area yet.

SIS Act NANIITAA 97 NANIITAA 97 NANE – Testamentary Trust Basics 

Gordon Mackenzie

Gordon Mackenzie is a lawyer, superannuation tax specialist and senior lecturer in the School of Taxation & Business Law at UNSW with extensive experience in corporate tax and superannuation. A former President of Taxpayers Australia and Deputy Chair of the IFSA Tax Committee, Gordon is now a Director at ICAA and CPA. 

Labor’s Proposed Tax and Super Changes – Death Benefits – SIS v Tax Dependants 

Daniel Butler

Daniel Butler is an SMSF lawyer, SMSF Advisor and CTA as well as director of DBA Lawyers in Melbourne. With over 30 years of experience in tax and superannuation, Daniel lectures at Melbourne University. A committee member at the ATO, The Tax Institute, CA ANZ and Law Institute of Victoria, Daniel presents and publishes extensively.

SMSF SuccessionBinding Death Benefit Nominations      

Mark Pizzacalla

A partner at BDO in Melbourne and a member of The Tax Institute’s Victorian Technical Committee, Dr Mark Pizzacalla has been a member of the Board of Taxation since 1 January 2015. With a PhD about the taxation of SMEs in Australia, Mark is one of the few tax practitioners whose work has been cited in Australia’s Parliament. 

Board of TaxationReview of Small Business Tax Concessions          


Michael Walpole

Michael Walpole is a professor and the Head of School at the School of Taxation and Business Law in the UNSW Business School. He is an International Research Fellow at Oxford University and in 2012 was a Visiting Professor at the OECD. Michael is a frequent presenter and has authored many articles, chapters and books on taxation.

Taxation of GoodwillEthics and TaxMaster of Taxation


Ron Lesh

Ron Lesh is the managing director of BGL Corporate. Ron joined BGL in 1989 and since then has led BGL through an amazing journey of growth and transformation. BGL currently holds a large share of the SMSF administration software market.

Events Based Reporting TurnaroundThe Story of BGL – Accountants’ Exemption

Paul Mackenroth

Paul Mackenroth is a senior associate and trust lawyer at Cleary Hoare in Brisbane with a focus on trusts for asset protection and estate planning. A former detective with the Queensland Police, Paul is a popular presenter and public speaker at industry and client events.

Elements of a Trust – Duties of Trustees – Set Up a Discretionary Trust – Revocable Trusts – Trust Structure – Family Trusts Elections – Taxation of Trusts Div 6 ITAA36 – Trust Income Streaming

Meg Heffron

Meg Heffron is a director of Heffron SMSF Solutions and a sought after voice around technical SMSF issues. An actuary by training and a former principal at Mercer, Meg has over 25 years of SMSF experience. A popular presenter and columnist, Meg is a recognised leader in the SMSF industry.

 When a Member DiesTRIS to Retirement Phase – Bring-Forward Rule

Bob Deutsch

Bob Deutsch is the Senior Tax Counsel at The Tax Institute  and taught tax over two decades at the UNSW as Professor in Taxation. A former Deputy President of the AAT, Bob is an ongoing contributor to the Thomson Reuters Australian Tax Handbook and a sought-after voice in the industry.

The Great DebateProperty vs Shares – Medicare Levy