wrap and managed accounts

191 | Wrap and Managed Accounts

In this episode Daniel Mikhail of Partners Wealth Group in Sydney will discuss wrap and managed accounts with you.

RG 146

142 | RG 146

RG 146 is an ASIC regulation listing the minimum training you need to give financial advice. Here is Mark Sinclair of Mentor Education.

age pension

121 | Age Pension

Qualifying for the age pension is an arduous exercise as you need to pass four hurdles. John Saunders of The Pittwater Partnership will go through these one by one.

Financing Aged Living

103 | Financing Aged Living

How do you finance aged living? John Saunders of The Pittwater Partnership will walk you through RAD, DAP and the lot.

Finance business growth

81 | How To Finance Business Growth

How do you finance business growth? What options do you have when a mortgage or bank loan is not an option? Here is Jeff Zulman of Trailblazer Finance with the answer. 


Debt or Equity

32 | Debt or Equity

Is it debt or equity? Scott Treatt of Pitcher Partners will walk you through Div 974 that governs the classification of debt and equity.

mortgage broker

23 | Insights of a Mortgage Broker

Mortgage brokering is a $344b industry right in front of us in the supply chain. Here is Jonathan Preston of Home Loan Experts with more insights.



16 | What is a CFD?

CFDs are complicated. Jonathan Preston of HomeLoan Experts traded CFDs for quite a few years and will walk you through the ins and outs of CFD trading.

commercial debt forgiveness

3 | Commercial Debt Forgiveness

How to treat commercial debt forgiveness for tax purposes? Robert Campbell of McLeod Campbell will give you a helpful overview.