365 | When To Call It A Day

As your business struggles, when is it time to call it a day? Here is Ben Sewell with nine more questions to ask.

364 | When Your Business Can’t Pay Its Bills

What should you do when your business is struggling? There are 19 questions to ask.

Debt or Equity

32 | Debt or Equity

Is it debt or equity? Scott Treatt of Pitcher Partners will walk you through Div 974 that governs the classification of debt and equity.


16 | What is a CFD?

CFDs are complicated. Jonathan Preston of HomeLoan Experts traded CFDs for quite a few years and will walk you through the ins and outs of CFD trading.


Director Penalty Notice

11 | Director Penalty Notice

A director penalty notice allows the ATO to cut through the corporate veil of a company and go for the individuals behind it - the directors. Here is more.
Tax Collection

8 | Tax Collection

Tax collection is an essential function of our tax system. Imagine if that wasn't working. It would undermine everything.