Class SMSF Benchmark Report June 2018

76 | Class SMSF Benchmark Report June 2018

The Class SMSF Benchmark Report 2018 looks at the effects of the super reforms so far among other topics. Here are the details.

Event-Based Reporting

57 | Event-Based Reporting

You probably have done some event-based reporting by now. The next hurdle is the first round of event-based reporting in the new format by 28 October 2018.

Bank and Data Feeds

41 | How Data Feeds Work

How do data feeds actually work?  Kevin Bungard and Tom Sargent of Class will give you a unique insight.

Common reporting standards

36 | Common Reporting Standards

Tax havens start talking to the ATO thanks to the new Common Reporting Standards. Ben Sewell of Sewell & Kettle provides a helpful overview.

December 2017 Class Benchmark Report

31 | Class SMSF Benchmark Report December 2017

The December 2017 Class SMSF Benchmark Report is a great read.  Kevin Bungard of Class will share valuable insights with you.


27 | Xero Bank Rules

Xero bank rules were a mystery to us. So we dug deeper, got to understand the issue and unearthed common mistakes. And yes, we made every one of these.