UPDATE 28 | NSW Covid-19 Business Support

There are three NSW Covid-19 business support grants. Let's look at the 12 conditions they all share.

the budget

UPDATE 23 | The Budget

Here are the 10 most important tax concessions announced on budget night 6 October 2020.

Jobkeeper 2.1

Update 21 | Jobkeeper 2.1

Jobkeeper 2.1 has two significant changes to Jobkeeper 2.0.  What these are, Andrew Henshaw of Velocity Legal in Sydney will tell you in this episode.

Jobkeeper Changes

UPDATE 20 | Jobkeeper Changes

The upcoming Jobkeeper changes will affect whether you continue to qualify and how much you get if you do.

COVID-19 Restructuring

UPDATE 19 | COVID-19 Restructuring

The current COVID-19 crisis might make more businesses eligible for the small business CGT concessions due to lower market values.

UPDATE 18 | COVID-19 Debt Hibernation

COVID-19 debt hibernation: All debts put into a box and locked up until 24 September 2020. Here is Ben Sewell of Sewell & Kettle with more.

COVID-19 Tenancy Law

UPDATE 17 | COVID-19 Tenancy Law

COVID-19 tenancy law is fuzzy, so it all comes down to negotiation or - if you can't agree - the tribunals, as Ben Sewell will tell you in this episode.

COVID-19 Insolvency Law

UPDATE 16 | COVID-19 Insolvency Law

COVID-19 insolvency law is to help you survive. To get through this crisis alive. Here is Ben Sewell of Sewell & Kettle with the details.

COVID-19 Payroll Tax Relief

UPDATE 15 | COVID-19 Payroll Tax Relief

COVID-19 payroll tax relief will save you money. Andrew Fricot of Payroll Tax Solutions will tell you how much.

Jobkeeper Rulings

UPDATE 14 | Jobkeeper Rulings

There are three new Jobkeeper rulings - PCG 2020/4, PSLA 2020/1 and LCR 2020/1. Here is Andrew Henshaw of Velocity Legal with the details.

COVID-19 Contract Law

UPDATE 13 | COVID-19 Contract Law

What happens to contract law during COVID-19? Here is Geoff Stein of Brown Wright Stein Lawyers in Sydney with some insights.

COVID-19 Employment Law

UPDATE 12 | COVID-19 Employment Law

Things have become more flexible under COVID-19. In this episode Ben Thompson of Employment Hero will tell you how.

Employment Law Before COVID-19

UPDATE 11 | Employment Law Before COVID-19

What did employment law before COVID-19 look like? Here is Damien Gooden of HR Central with some insights.

JobKeeper Alternative Test

UPDATE 10 | JobKeeper Alternative Test

The JobKeeper alternative test might help you if you fail the primary turnover test. Here is Andrew Henshaw of Velocity Legal with more.

Commercial Tenancies Code

UPDATE 9 | Commercial Tenancies Code

The Commercial Tenancies Code might be the lifeline you need. Here is Scott McKenzie of Velocity Legal with more.

Jobkeeper Rules

UPDATE 8 | Jobkeeper Rules

The Jobkeeper rules are out - filling in a lot more gaps, still leaving some behind.

COVID-19 Stimulus Review

UPDATE 7 | COVID-19 Stimulus Review

The number of measures is overwhelming. So let's do a brief COVID-19 stimulus review - looking at everything that is on the table.

Job Keeper Payment

UPDATE 6 | Jobkeeper Payment

Jobkeeper payment - how do you qualify for the largest federal rescue mission of all? Here is Andrew Henshaw of Velocity Legal with more.

Cash Flow Boost

UPDATE 5 | Cash Flow Boost

When the legislation for the federal COVID-19 cash flow boost first came out, some things were unclear, but have become much clearer now.

Super COVID-19 Measures

UPDATE 4 | Super COVID-19 Measures

There are 4 super measures coming or already implemented that will affect your super. Here is Liam Shorte of Verante Financial Planning with more.

Cash Boost

UPDATE 3 | Cash Boost

The cash boost is about a lot of money. Here is Andrew Henshaw of Velocity Legal answering 4 questions about the cash boost.

COVID-19 Stimulus Package Bill Passed

UPDATE 2 | COVID-19 Stimulus Bill

The federal  COVID-19 stimulus bill is now law. Bob Deutsch will tell you how to calculate the cash boost - very different to what we all thought.

Federal COVID-19 Stimulus Package No. 1

UPDATE 1 | Federal COVID-19 Stimulus

The federal government announced its first COVID-19 stimulus package on 12 March 2020. This episode is to go through the measures announced.