Early Stage Innovation Companies

108 | Early Stage Innovation Companies

Investors in ESICs receive generous tax concessions. Here is Simon Dorevitch of A & A Legal Tax Consulting with more.

Changes to the R & D Tax Incentive

107 | Changes to the R&D Tax Incentive

The R & D tax incentive is about to change. Simon Dorevitch of A&A Tax Legal Consulting will tell you more.

Government grants

77 | Government Grants

Government grants can help our clients to prosper and survive. They can save our client's cash flow position. Here is Stuart Smith of Vebiz with the details.

Electronic Signatures

62 | Electronic Signatures

What is legally valid when signed electronically? Christine Ecob and Georgina Xiradis of JWS will walk you through the legal framework.

Innovation in Australian law firms

46 | Innovation in Australian Law Firms

It is worth looking over the fence for ideas. Here are Paul Baker and Zile Yu discussing innovation in the legal industry and at Meridian Lawyers.

Online legal documents

39 | Online Legal Documents

Legal documents cost time and money.  How much depends on where we go. Let Manoj Abichandani of trustdeed.com.au share some thoughts with you.

R&D tax Incentive

34 | R&D Tax Incentive

The R&D Tax Incentive can help companies to survive and prosper. But how? Kevin O'Hara of Techwitty will walk you through the details.