382 | Small Business Litigation Funding

Small business litigation funding sounds great but the devil is in the detail. There will be a substantial funding gap. Who pays that gap?

when the ato calls

308 | When the ATO Calls

What do you do when the ATO calls you because one of your clients hasn't paid their BAS and IAS?

going awol

276 | Going AWOL

Will going AWOL save you money? What happens when your company keeps trading but ignores all ASIC and tax debts? 

insights of a tax lawyer

147 | Insights of a Tax Lawyer

The following insights of Andrew Henshaw of Velocity Legal will give you hands-on advice how to handle a tax dispute with the ATO.

136 | ATO Disputes

ATO disputes do not count as the most pleasant life experience for most.  So how can we avoid them or manage them? Andrew Henshaw of Velocity Legal will give you an answer. 

Accountants' Exemption

104 | Accountants’ Exemption

The accountants' exemption is dearly missed. But there are rumours that it might come back. Here is Ron Lesh of BGL with more.

Phoenix Activity

92 | Phoenix Activity

Phoenix activity is a common phenomenon in the Australian tax ecosystem. Ben Sewell of Sewell & Kettle will tell you how phoenixing works.

Future SMSF Practices

70 | Future SMSF Practices

What will future SMSF practices look like? How will they grow and adapt? We asked Aaron Dunn of Smarter SMSF to give us an insight.

59 | Register as a Tax Practitioner

How does one register as a tax practitioner? Here is Ian Taylor, the Chair of the TPB to walk you through the process.


10 | Objections & Appeals

How do objections and appeals work? King Tan of King & Wood Mallesons will give you an answer and much more.

risk review

7 | Risk Reviews & Tax Audits

How to manage a risk review or tax audit? King Tan of King & Wood Mallesons freely shares his knowledge and expertise with you here.

ATO Tax Dispute

4 | Lifecycle of a Tax Dispute

King Tan of King & Wood Mallesons will walk you through the lifecycle of a tax dispute. All the way from pre-engagement to objections and appeals.


76 | Remission of GIC and Penalties

When you ask the ATO for a remission of your clients' GIC and penalties, follow these 20 steps and have a fair chance of success.
smsf need abn

24 | SMSF need an ABN

An SMSF needs an ABN and TFN. A corporate trustee as a special purpose company only needs an ACN. That is the answer in a nut shell but here is more.
Tax evasion

14 | Tax Evasion

Tax evasion is a heavy word. Accuse somebody of tax evasion and you surely get their attention. But what is tax evasion?
Amendment Periods

13 | Amendment Periods

Amendment periods can work for or against you, depending on who wants to change what and when.
Payment Arrangement

12 | Payment Arrangements

Payment arrangements with the ATO are expensive due to high interest rates. So best to avoid using the ATO as a bank.
Director Penalty Notice

11 | Director Penalty Notice

A director penalty notice allows the ATO to cut through the corporate veil of a company and go for the individuals behind it - the directors. Here is more.
Taxpayer's Charter

10 | Taxpayer’s Charter

It might feel at times as if you have no rights against the ATO. But you do. They are listed in the Taxpayers' Charter.
lodging income tax return

9 | Lodging Income Tax Returns

The Commissioner of Taxation decides who needs to lodge tax returns in what form and by what date. The law itself is relatively silent on the matter.
Tax Collection

8 | Tax Collection

Tax collection is an essential function of our tax system. Imagine if that wasn't working. It would undermine everything.
tax deduction for gifts and donations

2 | Tax Deduction for Gifts and Donations

The tax deduction for gifts and donations sits in Division 30 of ITAA 97 Deductions for Gifts and Contributions. There is a lot in that title. Let's dissect it.