334 | Subdivision of Land

The subdivision of land is not a CGT event itself, but it often comes along with one as Andrew Andreyev will tell you in this episode.

328 | Duplex Development

Putting a duplex development onto a site that was previously a main residence can throw a lot of tax issues at you.

325 | Property Development 101

How should you structure a property development project for tax purposes? Here is Andrew Andreyev of Andreyev Lawyers with some thoughts.

how to save stamp duty

268 | How To Save Stamp Duty

In this episode Geoff Stein of Brown Wright Stein Lawyers in Sydney will discuss ways with you to reduce stamp duty.

UPDATE 22 | Eichmann Decision

The Full Federal Court has overturned the Federal Court's Eichmann Decision. Here is Andrew Henshaw of Velocity Legal in Melbourne with more.

Land Tax

248 | Land Tax

NSW land tax is a charge on any land in NSW you hold as of 31 December unless an exemption applies. 

Property and Tax

235 | Property and Tax

What are the most current changes around property and tax? Here is Bob Deutsch of The Tax Institute with some insights.

Top 10 Podcasts for Australian Accountants in 2020

213 | Top 10 Podcasts for Australian Accountants

Let these top 10 podcasts for Australian accountants inspire you. You never know where you find the answer you are looking for.

wrap and managed accounts

191 | Wrap and Managed Accounts

In this episode Daniel Mikhail of Partners Wealth Group in Sydney will discuss wrap and managed accounts with you.

related party lrba

188 | Related Party LRBA

How to set up a related party LRBA without triggering a dividend? Andrew Henshaw of Velocity Legal in Sydney will give you the answer.

SMSF Buys Property Jointly

187 | SMSF Buys Property Jointly

How exactly does this work when an SMSF buys property jointly as tenants in common? Andrew Henshaw of Velocity Legal in Sydney has the answer.

investing 101

186 | Investing 101

In this episode Liam Shorte of Verante in Castle Hill gives an Investment 101 crash course. If you are an investment guru, skip this episode.

SMSF Investment Strategies

185 | SMSF Investment Strategies

SMSF investment strategies will receive a lot more limelight going forward. Liam Shorte of Verante in Castle Hill will tell you why.

Cancel a Property Contract in NSW

159 | Cancel a Property Contract in NSW

There is a huge back door for a buyer to cancel a property contract in NSW. Rani Ghanda of Turnbull Hill Lawyers in Newcastle will show you how.

age pension

121 | Age Pension

Qualifying for the age pension is an arduous exercise as you need to pass four hurdles. John Saunders of The Pittwater Partnership will go through these one by one.

Property vs Shares

116 | Property vs Shares

Property vs shares - how are they taxed differently?  Bob Deutsch, Senior Tax Counsel of The Tax Institute, pursues this question.

Taxation of Goodwill

99 | Taxation of Goodwill

How do you value goodwill for tax purposes? Here is Michael Walpole of UNSW with some thoughts.

74 | Small Business CGT Concessions

The small business CGT concessions are one of the most generous tax concessions in Australia. Adrian Bailey of Cleary Hoare will guide you through the details.

61 | Property Depreciation

The rules around property depreciation are confusing at the best of times. Bradley Beer of BMT will walk you through the ifs and whens of property depreciation.

35 | Improving the Small Business CGT Concessions ED

"Improving the Small Business CGT Concessions" is the title of a new exposure draft. Patrick Huang of Argyle Lawyers will walk you through the details.

mortgage broker

23 | Insights of a Mortgage Broker

Mortgage brokering is a $344b industry right in front of us in the supply chain. Here is Jonathan Preston of Home Loan Experts with more insights.



Passively Held Assets

74 | Passively Held Assets

Passively held assets can still qualify for the small business CGT concession. They may if used in the business of a related entity.
Div 43

73 | Div 43

The deductions under Div 43 make up the bulk of a property investors deductions. And the good news is that the changes to Div 40 don't affect Div 43.
Div 40

72 | Div 40

Div 40 is about the deprecation of plant and equipment. Since 2017 significantly curtailed but still better than nothing.
UPE in the Maximum Net Asset Value Test

69 | UPE in the Maximum Net Asset Value Test

How do you treat a UPE in the maximum net asset value test? Do you include it? And if yes for which entity?
The 4 Small Business CGT Concessions

68 | The 4 Small Business CGT Concessions

The 4 small business CGT concessions are a huge tax concession. They can save our clients a lot of tax, hence money. They can change a life. 
Active Asset Test

67 | Active Asset Test

The active asset test is an important part of the basic conditions to qualify for the small business CGT concessions. 
Subdiv 152-E

66 | Subdiv 152-E

The rollover relief in subdiv 152-E is often overlooked. After all, it isn't an exemption but only a rollover. But 152-E deserves more attention.
Subdiv 122- B

65 | Subdiv 122-B

Subdiv 122-B is the equivalent to Subdiv 122-A. 122-B provides rollover relief when changing from a partnership to a company.
Subdiv 122- A

64 | Subdiv 122- A

Subdiv 122-A ITAA97 is about changing a business from a sole trader or trust to a company. 
Div 7a

63 | Div 7A Basics

Div 7a is one of the most common issues we run into when working with private companies. How does Div 7A actually work? 
joint tenants or tenants in common

49 | Joint Tenants or Tenants in Common

You got married and just bid on a house. Should you buy the house as joint tenants or tenants in common?
tax audits

27 | Tax Audits

Tax audits frighten most taxpayers and tax agents. They cost time and money. And you never know for sure how it will end.
Definition of Trust Income

23 | Definition of Trust Income

The definition of trust income in your deed determines who gets what income and as important who pays tax on what income. So you need to get this right.
CGT discount

20 | 50% CGT Discount

The 50% CGT discount in Div 115 has saved millions of taxpayers billions of dollars since it was first introduced on 20 September 1985.
Tax Rulings

19 | Tax Rulings

 Tax rulings form an important part of Australia's tax framework. They plug the holes that our tax laws leave behind.
Net Capital Gain

18 | Net Capital Gain

Calculating your capital gain or loss is only the first part of the exercise. The second part is working out the amount of your net capital gain.
ATO Penalties and Interest

17 | ATO Penalties and Interest

The Commissioner has the power to levy administrative penalties against taxpayers. ATO penalties and interest are some of the Commissioner's powers to keep taxpayers in line. 
Lodging an Objection

16 | Lodging an Objection

Lodging an objection is a first step. When you don't agree with the ATO and want to do something about it.