bitcoin is not a currency

381 | Bitcoin is Not a Currency

Bitcoin is not a currency - at least that is what the AAT says in Seribu Pty Ltd v CoT in 2020.

335 | Taxation of Crypto

In this episode, Adam O'Grady, Assistant Commissioner of the ATO, will discuss the taxation of crypto with you.

staking crypto

338 | Staking Crypto

Staking crypto gives you income while you wait for capital gains. But it also comes with significant risk and a very unfavourable tax treatment.

337 | Crypto Blockchains

Crypto blockchains lie at the core of everything crypto.  In this episode Harrison Dell will walk you through an example.

336 | Crypto Trading

In this episode let's talk about the common distinction between investor v trader, air drops and rug pulls in smart contracts and how this is taxed.