setting up bank feeds

85 | Setting Up Bank Feeds

Setting up bank feeds sounds complicated but is easy to do. Easy in theory. In practice sometimes confusing. And it just takes time and involves waiting.
cloud accounting software

86 | Why Cloud Accounting Software

Here are 8 reasons why moving to cloud accounting software is a smart move. And 3 arguments against.
chart of accounts

84 | Chart of Accounts

Your chart of accounts is the list of accounts you use for your business. How you set this up will directly impact how well you can ‘read’ your business. Here is a rough guide.
accounting set up

83 | Accounting Set Up

Everybody gets 24 hours a day. The difference is what we do or don’t do in that time and this applies to your accounting set up as to anything else.
Tax and Accounting Muck Ups

80 | Common Tax and Accounting Muck Ups

Here are some common tax and accounting muck ups we often see in a small business.