Jobkeeper Rulings

UPDATE 14 | Jobkeeper Rulings

There are three new Jobkeeper rulings - PCG 2020/4, PSLA 2020/1 and LCR 2020/1. Here is Andrew Henshaw of Velocity Legal with the details.

JobKeeper Alternative Test

UPDATE 10 | JobKeeper Alternative Test

The JobKeeper alternative test might help you if you fail the primary turnover test. Here is Andrew Henshaw of Velocity Legal with more.

Jobkeeper Rules

UPDATE 8 | Jobkeeper Rules

The Jobkeeper rules are out - filling in a lot more gaps, still leaving some behind.

COVID-19 Stimulus Review

UPDATE 7 | COVID-19 Stimulus Review

The number of measures is overwhelming. So let's do a brief COVID-19 stimulus review - looking at everything that is on the table.

Job Keeper Payment

UPDATE 6 | Jobkeeper Payment

Jobkeeper payment - how do you qualify for the largest federal rescue mission of all? Here is Andrew Henshaw of Velocity Legal with more.

Cash Flow Boost

UPDATE 5 | Cash Flow Boost

When the legislation for the federal COVID-19 cash flow boost first came out, some things were unclear, but have become much clearer now.

Super COVID-19 Measures

UPDATE 4 | Super COVID-19 Measures

There are 4 super measures coming or already implemented that will affect your super. Here is Liam Shorte of Verante Financial Planning with more.

Cash Boost

UPDATE 3 | Cash Boost

The cash boost is about a lot of money. Here is Andrew Henshaw of Velocity Legal answering 4 questions about the cash boost.

COVID-19 Stimulus Package Bill Passed

UPDATE 2 | COVID-19 Stimulus Bill

The federal  COVID-19 stimulus bill is now law. Bob Deutsch will tell you how to calculate the cash boost - very different to what we all thought.

Federal COVID-19 Stimulus Package No. 1

UPDATE 1 | Federal COVID-19 Stimulus

The federal government announced its first COVID-19 stimulus package on 12 March 2020. This episode is to go through the measures announced.