334 | Subdivision of Land

The subdivision of land is not a CGT event itself, but it often comes along with one as Andrew Andreyev will tell you in this episode.

328 | Duplex Development

Putting a duplex development onto a site that was previously a main residence can throw a lot of tax issues at you.

327 | Duplex Development Brainstorming

In this duplex development brainstorming session let's talk about the tax implications of duplex developments.

325 | Property Development 101

How should you structure a property development project for tax purposes? Here is Andrew Andreyev of Andreyev Lawyers with some thoughts.

313 | Building on Land You Don’t Own

When would you consider building on land you don’t own? Here are three scenarios.

structure a farming business

298 | Structure a Farming Business

When you structure a farming business, there are many factors to consider. Asset protection, flexible timing of distribution, income tax, capital gains tax

Farm Succession

295 | Farm Succession

Farm succession is all about avoiding surprises. And you do that by dealing with it during your lifetime. 

Property and Tax

235 | Property and Tax

What are the most current changes around property and tax? Here is Bob Deutsch of The Tax Institute with some insights.

related party lrba

188 | Related Party LRBA

How to set up a related party LRBA without triggering a dividend? Andrew Henshaw of Velocity Legal in Sydney will give you the answer.

investing 101

186 | Investing 101

In this episode Liam Shorte of Verante in Castle Hill gives an Investment 101 crash course. If you are an investment guru, skip this episode.

Cancel a Property Contract in NSW

159 | Cancel a Property Contract in NSW

There is a huge back door for a buyer to cancel a property contract in NSW. Rani Ghanda of Turnbull Hill Lawyers in Newcastle will show you how.