417 | How Sky Accountants Grew to 5m

Jamie Johns grew his firm to an annual turnover of $5m heading towards $10m. As a mentor at Wize Mentoring he has a unique view into what helps us grow.

371 | 4P Framework

The 4P framework is a helpful tool to work out how to grow your accounting practice.

370 | Repricing

Repricing existing clients is one of the hardest things to do when growing your firm.

360 | Insights from an Offshore Accountant

What is it like to work in a labour hire agency in the Philippines? Get an insider view on moonlighting and staff poaching.

359 | Direct Offshore Team

Charitha Wasala tells you how he set up his own direct offshore team in Sri Lanka and manages his teams - directly without an agency sitting between him and his people.

350 | Inventory Management Systems

In this episode let’s talk with Tony Harcourt of  Rype in Sydney about inventory management systems, especially Cin7, Dear and Unleash.

330 | Ten Thousand Clients

10,000 Clients - that is what Lucy Cohen of Mazuma Accountants is aiming for. Here she tells you what she is doing to get there.

329 | Pitch Your Nitch

Pitch your nitch - if this was easy, we would all be doing it. But it isn’t. So let this episode give you some food for thought.

Accountants in the Cannabis Industry

297 | Accountants in the Cannabis Industry

Accountants in the Cannabis industry can shape and help grow a booming industry that is still in its infant shoes.

CATS Accountants

282 | CATS Accountants

In some ways CATS Accountants is just a normal practice with a turnover of $1m. But in other ways they are quite unique and unusual.

Top 10 Podcasts for Australian Accountants

277 | Top 10 Podcasts for Australian Accountants

Finally, the last episode for 2020 - the Top 10 Podcasts for Australian Accountants 2021.

Find a Niche and They Will Come

257 | Find a Niche and They Will Come

To find a niche and grow a community in that niche will allow you to exponentially grow, as Aly Garrett in Adelaide will tell you.

251 | The Cost of Marketing

How much does it actually cost to build you a proper funnel that brings you clients?

Lead Funnel for Accountants

250 | Lead Funnel for Accountants

In this episode Nathan Watt of Watson & Watt will tell you how he designed his lead funnel and grew to 100 client groups within 3 years.

How To Run an Offshore Team

243 | How To Run an Offshore Team

How to run an offshore team? In three words - Make No Difference - treat your offshore team like your Australian team.

marketing hacks

241 | Marketing Hacks

Cherry pick from the big end of town.  Here is Melissa Donnelly with 5 marketing hacks to learn from the big guys.

Content and How To Deliver It

240 | Content and How To Deliver It

How to create killer content and deliver it. Here are 12 tips from Melissa Donnelly of Affinity Communications to do just that.

Content Marketing

239 | Content Marketing

Contention marketing is a marathon. So choose a channel you enjoy. Here is Melissa Donnelly with some insights.

Marketing Strategy and Execution

237 | Marketing Strategy and Execution

Marketing strategy and execution need to go together. One without the other is a Nothing - either a waste of paper or pointless action.

App Integration

231 | App Integration

What does it actually mean when an app integrates with another app? Here are Jeffrey Atizado and Clinton Cowin with the answer.

App Ecosystem

230 | App Ecosystem

What should your app ecosystem look like? Here are Jeffrey Atizado of SMB Consultants and Clinton Cowin of TradiePad with some things to ponder.

AFR Top 100 Accounting Firms

226 | AFR Top 100 Accounting Firms

The AFR Top 100 Accounting Firms list makes an interesting read. Here is our interview with the AFR Professional services editor, Edmund Tadros.

How to Choose a Buyer

217 | How to Choose a Buyer

It takes a lifetime to build a practice. But just a few months to run it into the ground. So choosing the right buyer is crucial as Matthew Taylor will tell you.

Top 10 Podcasts for Australian Accountants in 2020

213 | Top 10 Podcasts for Australian Accountants

Let these top 10 podcasts for Australian accountants inspire you. You never know where you find the answer you are looking for.

seo basics

209 | SEO Basics

SEO is all about your target clients finding your content on page 1 of Google. Rand Fishkin of SparkToro and previously Moz will tell you how.


206 | Pricing

The secret in pricing is not in the WHAT but in the HOW. Ed Chan of WIZE Mentoring and Chan & Naylor will tell us why.

Partnership Model Doesn't Work

205 | Why the Partnership Model Doesn’t Work

The partnership model doesn't work since it relies on people and not on systems. Here is Ed Chan of WIZE Mentoring and Chan & Naylor with more.

how to find and retain great staff

204 | How to Find and Retain Great Staff

To find and retain great staff start with the blueprint. Here is Ed Chan of WIZE Mentoring and Chan & Naylor with some advice.

more about buying parcels of fees

203 | More About Buying Parcels of Fees

Buying parcels of fees gets easier with time - the more often you do it, the easier it gets. In this episode Ed Chan will delve deeper and answer some tricky questions.

Buy A Parcel of Fees

202 | Buy A Parcel of Fees

If you want to buy a parcel of fees, how do you do it? And why should you? Here is Ed Chan of Wize Mentoring and Chan & Naylor with the answer.



201 | Marketing

This episode with Ed Chan of WIZE Mentoring will look at the marketing of accounting practices by using one firm as an example - Chan & Naylor.

Ideal Team Structure

200 | Ideal Team Structure

The ideal team structure for your practice depends on fee volume you manage. In this episode Ed will discuss the ideal team structure to manage a $1m in fees.

team structure

199 | Team Structure

Your firm's success depends on finding the right team structure for your accounting and tax practice. Ed Chan of WIZE Mentoring will tell you more.

three pillars of growth

198 | The Three Pillars of Growth

In 2013 Chan & Naylor lifted its revenue by 42.8% to $18.6m by focusing on three pillars of growth. Ed Chan will tell you more.

How To Generate Revenue

195 | How To Generate Revenue

Your practice survival depends on you being able to find and attract clients. Alistair Marshall will share five insights with you in this episode.

Mental Health

184 | Mental Health

Mental health issues can hit any of us – at any time - when we least expect it. So we should talk about it. Tim Hoopmann is doing just that.

insights of a mentor

176 | Insights of a Mentor

In this episode Edward Chan of Wize Mentoring shares his insights as a mentor to accounting practices.

consolidation in the accounting industry

175 | Consolidation in the Accounting Industry

The accounting industry is consolidating. In this episode we ask Edward Chan of Wize Mentoring how to survive and grow in this battle of giants.

practice managemeny

174 | Practice Management

In this episode Edward Chan of Chan & Naylor and Wize Mentoring will share some very helpful insights about practice management.

internet connection

173 | Internet Connection

Most of us need, but very few actually have a fast and stable internet connection. David Lewis of The DLA Group in Sydney will tell you why.

accounting futurist

172 | Accounting Futurist

What is an accounting futurist? What do they do? Chris Hooper of Accodex in Adelaide will give you an answer right here.

Payment Gateways

163 | Payment Gateways

The easier you make it for your clients to pay you, the faster they will do just that. Here is Tim Hoopmann of Spinn Business Solutions with more insights.

engagement letters

162 | Engagement Letters

In this episode Tim Hoopmann of Spinn Business Solutions will tell you why engagement letters are so important. 

130 | Succession and Balance

Succession and work-life balance are often put aside and receive less attention. In this episode John Peterson will plead with you to make them part of your strategic objectives.

129 | Strategic Objectives

John Peterson discussed your mission, vision and values (MVV) in the last episode. This episode is about how get there by focusing on your strategic objectives. 

128 | Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, vision and values (MVV) are keywords in the language of business development. So we asked John Peterson of Best Practice to tell us more.

Business Advisory

127 | Business Advisory

Business advisory will allow you to avoid competing on price. Here is Mark Holton of Smithink with more.

a fish rots from the head down

120 | A Fish Rots From the Head Down

There is a popular proverb that feels harsh but maybe it does because it is true. A fish rots from the head down. John Peterson will explain why.

119 | Four Quadrants of Success

The four quadrants of success or time management are a helpful way to think about your practice. Here is John Peterson of Best Practice with more.

Get the foundations right

118 | Get the Foundations Right

Everybody preaches to get the foundations right. But what does that actually mean? Here is John Peterson of Best Practice with some insights.

Changes to the R & D Tax Incentive

107 | Changes to the R&D Tax Incentive

The R & D tax incentive is about to change. Simon Dorevitch of A&A Tax Legal Consulting will tell you more.

Accountants' Exemption

104 | Accountants’ Exemption

The accountants' exemption is dearly missed. But there are rumours that it might come back. Here is Ron Lesh of BGL with more.

Ethics and Tax

100 | Ethics and Tax

Whenever there is tax, there is ethics. Here is Michael Walpole, UNSW's Head of School of Taxation and Business Law with more.

New Safe Harbour for Directors

93 | New Safe Harbour for Directors

The new safe harbour rules for directors aim to change the insolvency culture in Australia. Ben Sewell of Sewell & Kettle will give you the details.


79 | Trademarks

Registering a trademark might be the best way to protect your brand. Aaron Walters of IP Australia explains why.

Government grants

77 | Government Grants

Government grants can help our clients to prosper and survive. They can save our client's cash flow position. Here is Stuart Smith of Vebiz with the details.

How to exit

67 | How to Exit

How do you exit our practice?  What do most practitioners do?  We asked Steven Fine of Growth Focus to walk us through the options you have. 

How To Buy an Accounting Practice

48 | How To Buy an Accounting Practice

At the very start it sounds easy. You just go and buy what you need. But it isn't easy.  Steven Fine of Growth Focus will walk you through the process.

Offshoring to the Philippines

44 | Offshoring to the Philippines

Offshoring has a negative connotation. But it doesn't have to be this way. Mike O'Hagan of Mike's Buiness Tours will show you the options you have.

How to sell my accounting practice

38 | How To Sell My Accounting Practice

If you want to sell your accounting practice, do you know how? Steven Fine of Growth Focus runs you through the process with valuable advice on the way.

offshore SMSF work

2 | Why Not To Offshore SMSF Work

Do you offshore SMSF work or not? Chloe Ward of Intello will tell you how they turned staying in Australia into an advantage.