382 | Small Business Litigation Funding

Small business litigation funding sounds great but the devil is in the detail. There will be a substantial funding gap. Who pays that gap?

when the ato calls

308 | When the ATO Calls

What do you do when the ATO calls you because one of your clients hasn't paid their BAS and IAS?

Director Penalty Notices

274 | Director Penalty Notices

Director penalty notices are the ATO's tax collection tool of last resort to get what they are owed - by going straight for a director's personal assets.

insights of a tax lawyer

147 | Insights of a Tax Lawyer

The following insights of Andrew Henshaw of Velocity Legal will give you hands-on advice how to handle a tax dispute with the ATO.


76 | Remission of GIC and Penalties

When you ask the ATO for a remission of your clients' GIC and penalties, follow these 20 steps and have a fair chance of success.