391 | Child Support Lump Sum Payments

Child support lump sum payments are often favoured by mothers and might improve the relationship between parents.

390 | Child Support Non Agency Payments

Child support non-agency payments are payments to third parties credited to a child support liability.

387 B | Child Maintenance Trust Income

Child maintenance trust income - this is the second part of our interview about the excepted income in child maintenance trusts.

387 A | CMT Excepted Income

CMT excepted income is what a child maintenance trust is all about. If you don't have excepted income, then there is little point in having a CMT.

373 | Child Support Subpoena

A child support subpoena issued by the child support agency or the court poses a risk for the paying parent.

372 | PSI in Child Support Assessments

PSI in child support assessments is tricky. Even when you pass the PSI rules and have a PSB, the agency can override this.

child maintenance trust questions

314 | Child Maintenance Trust Questions

In this episode Patrick Huang will go through 10 child maintenance trust questions you sent in.

309 | Child Maintenance Trust

A child maintenance trust can save you a lot of tax but it comes at a huge cost as Simon Bacon of Manby & Scott will tell you.

Child support payments

281 | Child Support Payments

Child support payments - what to look out for? Simon Bacon of Manby & Scott is a family law lawyer specialising in child support arrangements, so perfect to ask how child support works.

Family Provision Claims

255 | Family Provision Claims

Here is Paul Mackenroth of Cleary Hoare about what happened with the family provision claim in the Marsella case and how to avoid it.