Export of Services

141 | Export of Services

When is the export of services GST-free? Here is Simon Dorevitch of A & A Tax Legal Consulting in Melbourne with the answer.

Services Connected with ITZ

140 | Services Connected with ITZ

Only services connected with ITZ (indirect tax zone) can possibly be subject to GST. If a service is not connected with ITZ, it can't be a taxable supply.


139 | Incoterms

Incoterms are pre-defined commercial terms published by the International Chamber of Commerce.

export of goods

138 | Export of Goods

When is the export of goods GST-free? Simon Dorevitch of A & A Tax Legal Consulting will give you a comprehensive answer.

Indirect Tax Zone

137 | Indirect Tax Zone

Without a connection to the ITZ, there is no taxable supply. So the indirect tax zone plays a crucial role in GST land. 

allied health services GST-free

79 | Allied Health Services and GST

The GST status of allied health services will take you on a long journey up and down Subdivision 38-B of the GST Act.
medical reports GST-free

78 | Medical Reports and GST

Medical reports are GST-free if covered by Medicare. If not covered by Medicare, a specific ATO rule applies.
medical service gst-free

77 | Medical Services and GST

Medical services are almost always GST-free with a few exceptions. But the all-deciding question is what qualifies as a medical service.
GST for Psychologists

26 | GST for Psychologists

Psychology is an 'other health service' in the GST Act, hence GST-free. But it isn't as easy as that. Some services you provide are subject to GST.