US 16 | Non-ECI Non-FDAP

Non-ECI Non-FDAP - how is US sourced income that is neither ECI nor FDAP taxed in the US if derived by a non-resident?

US 15 | LLC Income

How LLC income is taxed in the US  - disregarding any treaty position - depends on three things as Gary Carter will tell you in this episode.

US 14 | Single Member LLC

A single member LLC is a disregarded entity for US federal tax purposes. The Australian entity assumes all US federal tax obligations instead.

US 12 | Australian Trust Holds LLC

For an expansion into the US is it best if your Australian trust holds LLC interests directly? Rather than going through a C-Corp?

US 11 | Australian Loan to US

When you give an Australian loan to US operations, should you loan to your US blocker or directly to your US trading entity?

US 10 | LLC Plus Blocker

When would you set up an LLC plus blocker to expand into the US market? Marsha Dungog of Withers has the answer.

US 7 | US Corporations

When your clients expand into the US, here are the types of US corporations to choose from.

US Stimulus Cheques

US 6 | US Stimulus Cheques

How do you treat the US stimulus cheques in Australian tax returns? Seth Hertz of US Expat Tax in Sydney will give you the answer.

US Tax For Individuals

US 3 | US Tax For Individuals

US citizens living in Australia are taxed on their worldwide income in Australia but also in the US. Here is Seth Hertz of Expat US Tax with more.

nonresident alien spouse

US 2 | US Nonresident Alien Spouse

How does the US tax system affect the Australian spouse of a US citizen or Green card holder? Jane Bruno of Bruno American Tax Services will give you the answer.

US tax obligations living in Australia

US 1 | US Tax While Living in Australia

As a US citizen or Greencard holder, the US will tax your worldwide income even while you live in Australia. Jane Bruno Bruno American Tax Services will give you the details.