Super COVID-19 Measures

UPDATE 4 | Super COVID-19 Measures

There are 4 super measures coming or already implemented that will affect your super. Here is Liam Shorte of Verante Financial Planning with more.

Top 10 Podcasts for Australian Accountants in 2020

213 | Top 10 Podcasts for Australian Accountants

Let these top 10 podcasts for Australian accountants inspire you. You never know where you find the answer you are looking for.

Tax Talks Q & A

126 | Tax Talks Q & A

This  Tax Talks Q & A goes through 10 questions and comments you sent in up to April 2019.

aged living

102 | Aged Living

How do we support aged living in Australia?  John Saunders of The Pittwater Partnership will walk you through the options.

Taxation of Goodwill

99 | Taxation of Goodwill

How do you value goodwill for tax purposes? Here is Michael Walpole of UNSW with some thoughts.