416 | How AI Boosts Your SMSF Processing

The challenge is to know what your software is now capable of thanks to AI. Ron Lesh of BGL tells you more in this interview.

415 | How Staff Benefits Helped StriveX to Grow

In this episode Rachel Harris of StriveX in the UK will tell you how team culture contributed to their phenomenal growth.

412 | Pipeline Walkthrough with Prime Partners

Here is a pipeline walkthrough with Prime Partners in Sydney to show you what other accountants are doing. 

Hubspot for Accountants

405 | Hubspot for Accountants

Hubspot for accountants - does that really work? Can Hubspot give us what we as accountants and tax agents need to run our practice?

404 | CRMs for Accountants

CRMs for accountants - what should we as accountants and tax agents look for in a CRM?

393 | Electronic Signature Questions

Which state law applies when you have people in different states? Do the DINs change anything? How do you check that a client matches the ID provided? All electronic signature questions you ever wanted to know you find in this episode.

351 | Point of Sale Systems

Point of Sale and inventory management go hand in hand, but the focus is different, depending on what came first.

350 | Inventory Management Systems

In this episode let’s talk with Tony Harcourt of  Rype in Sydney about inventory management systems, especially Cin7, Dear and Unleash.

331 | From PI over FYI and Suite to KarbonHQ

From PI over FYI and Suite to KarbonHQ - here is Amy Holdsworth with a helpful overview.

307 | ERP Questions

In our last episode with Jeri Wambeek of WAO Connect we discussed ERP systems with you. In this episode, let’s ask Jeri three listener questions about ERP.

EPT Systems

306 | ERP Systems

ERP systems are different to Xero in four ways. Here is Jeri Wambeek of WAO Connect with the details.

Inventory Management Software

291 | Inventory Management Software

Xero and Shopify come with inventory management software - a simple one, but one nevertheless. How far can they take you?

275 | Tax Software

Tax software doesn't get much limelight. But in this episode with Alan Fitzgerald it will.

Tech Stack

258 | Tech Stack

Your tech stack can be a waste of money or can propel you to the next level. It all depends on how you built it to do what. 

App Integration

231 | App Integration

What does it actually mean when an app integrates with another app? Here are Jeffrey Atizado and Clinton Cowin with the answer.

App Ecosystem

230 | App Ecosystem

What should your app ecosystem look like? Here are Jeffrey Atizado of SMB Consultants and Clinton Cowin of TradiePad with some things to ponder.

seo basics

209 | SEO Basics

SEO is all about your target clients finding your content on page 1 of Google. Rand Fishkin of SparkToro and previously Moz will tell you how.

app landscape

171 | App Landscape

In this episode Chris Hooper of Accodex in Adelaide discusses the app landscape and how to choose the right apps for your practice.

Accounting Automation

170 | Accounting Automation

Just automate everything and put up your feet. Chris Hooper of Accodex in Adelaide puts some reality into this notion.

Telling Cloud Stories

169 | Telling Cloud Stories

The cloud is full of stories which Heather Smith captures in her popular podcast 'Cloud Stories'. We asked her for more details.

writing xero for dummies

168 | Writing Xero for Dummies

In this episode Heather Smith will tell you how she wrote 'Xero for Dummies' and what she learned along the way.

Business Intelligence

164 | Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence used to just be for the big end of town. But that is changing. Here is Cameron Lynch of Etani in Adelaide with more.

automation process

158 | Process Automation

Process automation might give you the control you seek as Tim Hoopmann of Spinn Business Solutions will tell you.

Disregarded Small Fund Assets

83 | Disregarded Small Fund Assets

A fund has disregarded small fund assets when a member's TSB in retirement phase exceeds $1.6m. Melanie Dunn of Accurium will tell you why this is relevant.

Class SMSF Benchmark Report June 2018

76 | Class SMSF Benchmark Report June 2018

The Class SMSF Benchmark Report 2018 looks at the effects of the super reform up to now. Here is Kevin Bungard of Class with the details.

Future SMSF Practices

70 | Future SMSF Practices

What will future SMSF practices look like? How will they grow and adapt? We asked Aaron Dunn of Smarter SMSF to give us an insight.

Digital Financial Advice

66 | Digital Financial Advice

We all need to decide where we stand regarding financial advice. One option is to engage a digital financial advice platform. Jim Hennington of ASAP has more.

the story of class

54 | The Story of Class

The Story of Class is not just about Class. It is also a story about the SMSF industry and us. Kevin Bungard of Class will tell you how it all started.

SMSF Update

53 | SMSF Update

The super reform is done and dusted, but some issues still raise their head. Daniel Mikhail of Partners Wealth Group will discuss those with you.

online SMSF auditing software

45 | Online SMSF Auditing Software

Online SMSF auditing software is the way of the future. Manoj Abichandani of will tell you why and how.

Offshoring to the Philippines

44 | Offshoring to the Philippines

Offshoring has a negative connotation. But it doesn't have to be this way. Mike O'Hagan of Mike's Buiness Tours will show you the options you have.

December 2017 Class Benchmark Report

31 | Class SMSF Benchmark Report December 2017

The December 2017 Class SMSF Benchmark Report is a great read.  Kevin Bungard of Class will share valuable insights with you.


27 | The Story of BGL

How did BGL start? Where is it now? And where to from here? Ron Lesh of BGL will take you from the past to the future.

events based reporting

14 | Events Based Reporting Turnaround

Events based reporting experienced an impressive turnaround. In this episode Ron Lesh of BGL will tell you how this came about.