PSI Rules

301 | PSI Rules

PSI or PSB? The answer can cost or save you tax. Here is Andrew Henshaw of Velocity Legal in Melbourne with the details.

The Great Debate

33 | The Great Debate

If you could change one thing about the Australian tax system, what would it be and how? Robert Deutsch of The Tax institute asked that question. 


gifts and contributions

94 | Gifts and Contributions

Every donation of money or property to a charity is either a gift or contribution.
minor benefit rule

93 | Minor Benefit Rule

The minor benefit rule is the one exception that turns a non-deductible contribution into a tax-deductible gift. 
deduct travel expenses

91 | Deduct Travel Expenses

When you deduct travel expenses from your income you save tax. That is a good thing. But you are also more likely to get audited.
small business tax concession

87 | Small Business Tax Concessions

Small business tax concessions are an important feature of the Australian tax system. Here is a summary of the top 21.
are tolls car or travel expenses

21 | Are tolls car or travel expenses

Tolls are travel expenses and subject to GST (just in case you were wondering). And it makes sense when you think about it.
tax deduction for entertainment

5 | Tax Deduction for Entertainment

A business expense is tax deductible. Entertainment is not. Unless subject to FBT. So the all deciding question is: What is entertainment?
Tax Deduction for Conference Travel

4 | Tax Deduction for Conference Travel

How much can you claim as a tax deduction for conference travel? You might have to reduce the claim for any private portion. Here is how.
Tax Deduction for Fundraising Events

3 | Tax Deduction for Fundraising Events

If a charity event passes the Minor Benefit Rule, the DGR charity can issue a tax receipt for parts of the ticket price and auction proceeds. Here is more.
Commissioner's Effective Life of Depreciable Assets for 2019

1 | Commissioner’s Effective Life of Depreciable Assets for 2019

The Commissioner publishes a Taxation Ruling each year listing the effective life of depreciable assets. Here is a handy overview for small operators.