342 | TPB Q & A

In this TPB Q & A we ask the TPB three important questions about branding, overseas staff and supervision.

68 | Continuing Professional Education

Every time you listen to Tax Talks, you earn CPE. That is just one of many things Ian Taylor of the TPB will clarify for you.

Code of Professional Conduct

64 | Code of Professional Conduct

The Code of Professional Conduct affects us all. Here is Ian Taylor, the Chair of the Tax Practitioners Board, with the details.

59 | Register as a Tax Practitioner

How does one register as a tax practitioner? Here is Ian Taylor, the Chair of the TPB to walk you through the process.

tax practitioners board

55 | Tax Practitioners Board

Do you know what the TPB actually does, how it is structured and financed? We didn't. So we asked Ian Taylor, Chair of the TPB. Here is his answer.